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OneLedger team with years of blockchain technology experience that includes Fortune 500 Companies bring an integrated health evidence verification solution to help the world reopen safely from covid 19.

The OneLedger International Health Passport- OnePass harnesses digital technology with the unique characteristics available only on blockchain’s distributed ledger to provide a secure, easy, and scalable solution to authenticate individuals’ entire immunization health records for freedom of movement.

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Verify Health evidence/proof of negative test/vaccination certificates to check

  • A condition of employment safety

  • Access facilities with large numbers of people

  • Verify the health status of visitors or customers

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Types of health record or evidence

OnePass provides organizations the tools to verify the health status(Covid 19 vaccine tracking/Test results) of people entering their establishments through secure, private and assurance compliant solution.


Easily forged

Easily lost

Time Consuming to verify

Digital Certificate

Digital Version of Paper

Still easy to forge

Not able to verify the publishers

or individuals


Blockchain cannot be tampered with

All parties are verified

Verification in real-time

Secure, private, assurance

Why OnePass?

Real-time health evidence verification of QR code through closed loop security architecture.

  • Central Authority to share electronic testing and vaccination data
  • Individuals share their latest digital heath record
  • Organisations verify the vaccine or testing evidence provided.

Enables secure access that certifies health status while protecting the user’s privacy for a myriad of use cases related to access in this COVID-19 environment

Easy access for medical professionals when needed to handle all forms of tests and vaccines.

Flexibility to set various criteria for entry (eg vaccines only, tests only, vaccines plus tests)

Interoperable with other blockchains and various data source systems/formats

Millions of transactions each month already move across our blockchain.

Most secure technology available, blockchain – more secure than web services architecture.

Fully compliant with health data mgt stds – consent driven model, minimal data flow and encryption.

Cannot be tampered or viewed by 3rd party.

No health information persistent on any device.

Highly secure health regulation compliances.

Meet HIPAA GDPR complainces

Range of Uses

Tracking covid 19 and verify to reopen

In our view, the challenge of re-opening is summarized by 4 major activities. how to get Back to Work, Back to Travel, Back to Play and Back to School. OnePass address all 4 of these situations. It provides the trust required to re-open. It also provides the processing speed required to deal with large numbers of people – reducing lineups to reasonable levels.

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Reopen your organisation with the most secure digital health evidence solution.

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