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COVID-19 vaccine tracking solution for enterprise

Reopen business with Blockchain-based immutable health evidence solution.

The Need for Secure covid 19 vaccine tracking passport

We are all hoping COVID will just go away and we can back to life as we knew it.  There is no doubt the world is making progress in dealing with the pandemic on many fronts – enhanced medical treatments, better distribution of PPE, vaccinations and improved testing.  All of these are reducing the strain on our health care systems and allowing us to slowly open our economies.

It remains to be seen just how close to back to “normal” we will get.  Re-opening plans are contingent on achieving specific epidemiological targets.  What happens if we don’t?  What happens if there’s inadequate vaccine uptake and/or new strains of the disease emerge? 

The idea of full capacity is critical for our economies.  Businesses that rely on face-to-face transactions with customers (ie not eCommerce) are built on customer demand models that are much higher than can be achieved through social distancing.  Whether it be sports facilities, theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings or hotels – to name a few.  Their ability to generate income to service their facility investments is severely compromised if social distancing or other pandemic control measures are in place.  And governments simply won’t be able to provide endless financial support to prop up businesses. 

These scenarios force the question – is there a way of managing disease spread while enabling businesses to operate close to full capacity? 

The Role of Digital Health Evidence verification 

There is much discussion about the role proof of health evidence (vaccine/negative test) can play.  National governments around the world have announced their intent to adopt some form of this.  While there are many issues to work through, we believe it is only a matter of time before these solutions become common place.  If societies are not willing to mandate vaccinations, we simply have no choice.  Health evidence is the only alternative.

However, we believe national governments will not operate with the speed required to deal with the risks outlined above.  It is apparent that while there is much talk, little progress has actually been made.  One core issue is health evidence is held at the provincial level…so creating a national passport is problematic.  Furthermore, national governments are focused on opening borders (their mandate), and have not even thought about direct issues such as creating safe work environments, opening businesses, etc.  Last, governments plan to rely on easy to forge pictures of paper-based evidence.  This simply does not create the trustable evidence required.  Speed and focusing on domestic issues require that businesses take matters into their own hands.  

The fully compliant with health data solution – OnePass

OnePass meets the strict standards of health information management.  The patient controls their data through a personal consent process.  Only the outcome (yes or no) is transmitted.  The solution is based on a blockchain technology, the most secure technology platform available at this time.  The information is immutable – it cannot be forged or copied.  OnePass creates the trusted evidence required to manage highly contagious pandemics of all types and open the economy.

The solution requires a citizen to download the OnePass app from the Apple or Android app stores.  The individual then creates a personal profile (username/password).  This profile is directly associated with source vaccine or test information (held by a pharmacy, clinic or government).  In cases where this source data is not available, the citizen submits a copy of their certificate.  It is then reviewed by a 3rd party assessor before entered into OnePass.  We have developed a process for conducting these assessments with an accredited laboratory.  It follows a similar process to that being used by the federal government with the ArriveCan app.

The solution also requires the business “verifier”  to download the verification app and create an entity profile.  

When entering a business the citizen launches the OnePass app on their cell phone.  This generates a QR code.  The Verifier scans the QR code using the verification app.  A green check mark appears if the citizen has had a vaccine or recent negative test.  

The solution also has a process to deal with citizens who do not have cell phones.  

About OneLedger

One Ledger was formed in 2018.  The company raised an initial round of capital, that was used to build a blockchain technology platform and several business software applications.  Our vision is to help business and governments solve their most critical problems using breakthrough blockchain technology.  The company has 20 employees and has head offices in Toronto and Barbados. 

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