We realized health evidence is one part of the complex puzzle of re-opening our economies AND staying open safely. That’s why we’ve teamed with leading consulting, laboratory and niche healthcare tech companies to provide you with advanced capabilities, including:

Re-opening Strategy/Planning/Execution

As the COVID is bending back to more manageable levels enterprises are grappling with how to safely open. This is at least as complicated as the work performed to deal with previous shutdowns and in fact, maybe more complicated. Developing strategies/plans require sophisticated legal and consulting capabilities and experience to ensure your strategy fits your operations, local health policies and regional laws.

Test execution/interpretation

Testing will likely be a cornerstone of re-opening, as enterprises deal with high-risk situations and/or individuals who are not vaccinated.

Test/vaccine scheduling

It is highly likely that there will be an ongoing need for vaccines and tests on a mass level as the world continues to adapt to living in a pandemic world. Vaccinations will continue to be deployed with first or second shots, and boosters will be required at some yet to be determined intervals. Testing will be required to supplement vaccinations in some cases and may well always be required for those who are not vaccinated.

Vaccinations/testing at this volume requires a sophisticated system to enable ongoing schedule management.

3rd party assessment of paper-based certificates

It will take many years to build out a ubiquitous trusted digital health evidence network around the world – this will be a journey. In the short term, there will be cases where we will have to rely on assessments of paper-based certificates. Assessments should be conducted by qualified 3rd parties, with regulatory approvals.

Once assessments are complete, the 3rd party will enter the individual’s data directly into OnePass, providing a higher degree of trust.

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