What is the OnePass solution?

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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about OnePass+.

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It takes just a few minutes to set up an account. find out more information on how it works

Invitation only:

Corporate clients will invite users to pre-register and send users an invitation to download the app on their smartphone.

No smartphone – request a QR code card.

5-10 seconds. find out more information on how it works

Thanks to OnePass+, employers can quickly trace screening results going back 21 days, and provide this information to health officials, if necessary, in a matter of minutes.

OnePass+ does not store data – this is held by the Ministry of Health in the jurisdiction. OnePass+ interrogates the MoH database and the transaction is stored on the blockchain, which is a distributed ledger. All transactions are deleted in 21 day cycles.

Data older than 21 days old is automatically deleted from our files and servers.

All screening data collected by OnePass+ is private to your organization. This data is not shared with anyone outside your organization and deleted after 21 days. Organization’s decide who they share their data with, for example: the MoH for contact screening if required.

This software will keep you compliant with current Covid19 protocols for employee screening requirements and could help you reduce the risk of a major outbreak in your workplace and community

There are multiple online tools and covid screening surveys and they work well for individuals. In addition, some businesses have used various online tools for screening. Many of these online tools don’t keep the data in your country. When a business has to ensure compliance it becomes a problem for staff and visitors to submit the screening results to your business and for you to organize and keep the data safe and to properly dispose of the data at the right time. And if you need to provide details for contact tracing, it’s cumbersome. OnePass+ simplifies and streamlines the process to keep you safe and compliant for a nominal fee.

Yes, you can have as many locations as you need. View the (pricing page) for more details.

Yes, some customization is possible. If this is a feature you’d like to see please let us know by contacting us.

Yes absolutely. Let us know what you think and we’ll talk about it at the next development meeting. Please contact us.

OnePass offers the most trusted solution in the market today.

We realize Covid 19 vaccine evidence verification is one part of the complex puzzle of re-opening our economies and staying open safely. That’s why we’ve teamed with leading consulting, laboratories and niche healthcare tech companies to provide you advanced capabilities, including:

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Transaction Based Pricing Model solution
White labelled technology model solution

Price models

Innovative and scalable pricing model.

OnePass has flexible pricing models designed to align with how you plan to use the solution and the needs of your users. Some or all of data publishers, patients/citizens or verifiers can be charged for the service, depending on your exact requirements. In addition, there are discounts depending on the demand you expect. This reduces your cost exposure and allows you to grow into higher volumes.

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Range of Uses

Tracking covid 19 and verify to reopen

In our view, the challenge of re-opening is summarized by 4 major activities. how to get Back to Work, Back to Travel, Back to Play and Back to School. OnePass address all 4 of these situations. It provides the trust required to re-open. It also provides the processing speed required to deal with large numbers of people – reducing lineups to reasonable levels.

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Reopen your organisation with the most secure digital health evidence solution.