How it works

What is covid health passport ?


OnePass+ is an easy, safe and low cost screening tool for businesses to screen their employees, contractors and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. It allows for the capture of accurate data for effective contact tracing.

OnePass+ enables secure access that certifies health status while protecting the user’s privacy for a myriad of use cases related to access in this COVID-19 environment with the stringent standards demanded by health care regulators and delivery organizations.

Works will all smart phones / QR code Card is issued for non-smartphone holders.

OnePass+ is built on a blockchain platform that stores any health evidence from medical providers including COVID-19 vaccine records and test results. Using OnePass, organisations can verify either employee or customer’s health status.

Don’t write – Scan.

How OnePass works?

Our blockchain-based health evidence verification system allows you to effortlessly manage information on users’ health status.

Post health record on OnePass

Install APP

Present QR code



  • Publishers are verified Health Professionals only

  • Clinicians

  • Pharmacists

  • Health Agencies


  • OnePass or compatible app

  • Identity verified

  • Records are linked to personal profile


  • Verifier logs into system

  • Verifier’s system is integrated with OnePass

  • Real-time query for verification

  • No personal information is transmitted

Range of Uses

Tracking covid 19 and verify to reopen

In our view, the challenge of re-opening is summarized by 4 major activities. how to get Back to Work, Back to Travel, Back to Play and Back to School. OnePass address all 4 of these situations. It provides the trust required to re-open. It also provides the processing speed required to deal with large numbers of people – reducing lineups to reasonable levels.

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Reopen your organisation with the most secure digital health evidence solution.