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What is the OnePass solution?

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OnePass is a solution that allows enterprises to verify the health status of individuals.  Built to handle any number of scenarios, it is ideally suited to validate if a person has had a COVID vaccine/test.  The solution was built-for-purpose to meet the demanding privacy and security standards governing health care.  Specifically:

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  • OnePass is built on the most secure technology platform available today – OneLedger’s blockchain.

  • Health/patient specific data held on the system is minimized, representing only basic information to identify the individual and then either green or red signals indicating the person’s status.

  • The system is built on a “consent first” model. An individual must provide consent before any data can be loaded into OnePass. The individual also has full control over how and when the evidence is presented and used (ie they have to launch the app and show the evidence to the verifier)

  • OnePass evidence is virtually impossible to forge. The system accomplishes this using 3 key design elements. First, only trusted sources are allowed to “publish” data into the system. Second, the blockchain platform is immutable, so individuals cannot unilaterally change the data. Finally, the system uses a “closed loop security model” – the QR code is verified in real time back into the system to ensure it has not been tampered with.

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  • Gives verifiers complete flexibility to set their own criteria for entrance (eg, based on combinations of vaccine and/or test).

  • Offers a full health evidence platform, that can evolve into other forms of test/vaccine evidence.

  • Has a proven ability to scale. The OneLedger blockchain platform already processes millions of transactions per week for other purposes.

  • Is super easy and intuitive to deploy. The solution is downloaded from the App/GooglePlay store and profile creation follows familiar patterns.

  • Has an innovative, scalable pricing model. OnePass is a verification service solution. Fees are only charged to the entity that wants to verify health status. It Is free for organizations to publish trusted information onto the system and for citizens to download application.

OnePass offers the most trusted solution in the market today.

We realize Covid 19 vaccine evidence verification is one part of the complex puzzle of re-opening our economies and staying open safely. That’s why we’ve teamed with leading consulting, laboratories and niche healthcare tech companies to provide you advanced capabilities, including:

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Transaction Based Pricing Model solution
White labelled technology model solution

Price models

Innovative and scalable pricing model.

OnePass has flexible pricing models designed to align with how you plan to use the solution and the needs of your users. Some or all of data publishers, patients/citizens or verifiers can be charged for the service, depending on your exact requirements. In addition, there are discounts depending on the demand you expect. This reduces your cost exposure and allows you to grow into higher volumes.

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Range of Uses

Tracking covid 19 and verify to reopen

In our view, the challenge of re-opening is summarized by 4 major activities. how to get Back to Work, Back to Travel, Back to Play and Back to School. OnePass address all 4 of these situations. It provides the trust required to re-open. It also provides the processing speed required to deal with large numbers of people – reducing lineups to reasonable levels.

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Reopen your organisation with the most secure digital health evidence solution.