In our view the challenge of re-opening is summarized by 4 major activities.
how to get Back to Work, Back to Travel, Back to Play and Back to School. OnePass address all 4 of these situations. It provides the trust required to re-open. It also provides the processing speed required to deal with large numbers of people – reducing lineups to reasonable levels.

Back to Work

Back to Work includes a range of scenarios, including offices environments, factories, mines, retail – literally any situation where employees congregate.  And often Back to Work is not only about your employees, it’s about your customers and suppliers.  You may well require health evidence for all 3 of these cohorts to safely reopen.  

Back to Play

Back to Play includes places where people are seeking entertainment.  This includes Entertainment Venues, Sporting Venues, Theme Parks, Restaurants among others. In this use, the ability to quickly process large numbers of individuals is very important. Long lines must be avoided

Back to School 

Back to School includes primary, secondary and post-secondary situations.  In each of these, there are interesting challenges if students board at the school (ie university residence) or travel in from another jurisdiction (eg foreign university students) Teachers and Students cohorts are both relevant, as well as facility-focused employees.  

Back to Travel

Back to travel includes transportation (Plane, Train, Bus), Resorts & Hotels and/or border crossings.  Similar to Back to Play, the ability to quickly process large numbers of individuals is critical.

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